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Erin's Ireland Trip

Spring Break 2003

I spent 10 days in Ireland with my two friends Kate and Becca over Spring Break.
We traveled to Dublin, Cork, and Galway.
The first weekend we were there, our friends Nikki and Raime visited with us.

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Day 2 - March 8, 2003
Staying in Dublin, Ireland

Dublin Castle

View of part of Castle from parking lot Nikki and Raime at Dublin Castle
The Gardens at Dublin Castle, snakes make up the knotwork View of part of Castle from the Gardens
Cool bridge and part of the Castle, view from the Gardens Raime at the center of the snake knotwork
Raime again Awesome colors of the Castle, view from the Gardens
Another part of the Gardens at the Castle

Guinness Storehouse

Becca and Raime at the time capsule Me trying my first Guinness… uhhh no thanks
Becca and Nikki with their Guinnesses Kate with her Guinness
Becca in front of the wall of bottles


Nikki, Raime, Kate, and Becca on a bridge in Dublin over the river Liffey

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